Bridgestone Tires Commercial Shoot

Some gigs pop up out of nowhere with a last minute deadline.  This happened to be one of those, but Bridgestone was such a pleasure to work with and everyone involved was professional and fantastic.  In September, we flew out from Nashville to Raleigh, North Carolina to shoot some of their new tires being used in the wilderness.  


With only a day to shoot, we started early and shot around the whole day.  Sometimes you get unlucky with weather and it works against you, but sometimes it clears up at the perfect time and the photography gods give you exactly what you need.  The rain was on and off the whole morning, and we found ways to work around it, but in the best moments, the skies cleared and gave us exactly what the brand was needing.  


After all is said and done, the Bridgestone guys loved the images, and the Revo 3 series is getting great reviews!  Below is the equipment used:

Sony A7rii
24-70 f4
FE 50mm 1.8